What is an online loan?

An online loan is a normal installment loan. The only difference: you do not have to walk to the nearest bank branch, but can conveniently conclude the loan agreement from home via the Internet. This is usually faster and in many cases is even cheaper.


Advantages of online credit

Advantages of online credit

  • High savings potential: Interest rates are usually better than at branch banks
  • Branch banks are in no way inferior when it comes to security
  • Available around the clock
  • No unnecessary paths from bank to bank
  • Fast, secure processing

Apply for a loan online

Apply for a loan online

You requested current offers for an online loan from us via the financing request, but what exactly happens now? Our installment loan specialists will contact you immediately by phone and go through your credit request with you. You can then choose whether you would prefer to receive the various offers by email or post. Afterwards you have the opportunity to have a look at everything. If you are satisfied with an offer, simply send it back signed. We will then take care of the formalities, compile all the documents and send your online loan application to the appropriate bank. Here you can see the individual steps again in detail:

  1. Fill in funding request

    You enter your request in our mask and provide us with, among other things, name and address, contact options, the desired loan amount, term and the intended purpose. Of course, we handle your data sensitively and only use it to start the credit comparison.

  2. Telephone consultation

    Our installment loan specialists receive your online credit request electronically and contact you immediately by phone. They then go through the loan request with you again and ask which points are particularly important to you. In this step you can also choose whether you would prefer to receive the offers that our specialists have selected for you by post or by email.

  3. Compare loans online

    After you have received the loan offers, you can take a look at the conditions and compare them. You will be given sufficient time for this: The offers are generally valid for 4 weeks. That is how long they are maintained.

  4. Send offer back

    Do you like one of the offers? Then sign the documents and simply send them back. Would you prefer to continue comparing? Our service is completely non-binding. In the event that you do not want to opt for any of our offers, you are completely free to look elsewhere.

  5. Processing the online loan

    Our specialists now take care of everything else: they take over communication with the bank, compile all the necessary documents and ensure that everything runs smoothly. At this stage, the bank will require you to identify yourself. At many banks, this is already possible via video, but a large part also uses the PostIdent process. You will receive a form with which you can go to your nearest post office, present your identity card and thus confirm your identity. The online loan can then be initiated.

  6. Payment of the online loan

    After a maximum of 12 working days after the loan approval, you will usually receive the loan amount in your account. The exact duration varies from bank to bank and also depends on how quickly you have the necessary documents at the bank. Many of our cooperation banks are able to process the application faster and transfer after 3-4 working days.